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arab slaver and his tied captive

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Bondage Blog

Bondage Blog is the first and best bondage blog on the web, featuring bondage pictures, links, resources, and pointers to all the best BDSM blogging out there. [ Favorite Posts ]

Spanking Blog: Spanking Stories & Links

Spanking Blog is the first-ever blog focused on erotic spanking. The doings of Spankboss and Bethie, plus lots of links to other spanking and BDSM blogs and picture galleries elsewhere. One of the best free spanking resources on the net!

Recent posts on Bondage Blog:

The Bedpan Girl - December 4
Who needs a bedpan or a catheter bag when toilet slaves are in surplus? Not this hospital: Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: A Visit To The Women's Prison Institutional Girl-Watering System The Bondage Enema Collector Worried In Her Fart Gag Cold Water Cure
Pain And Pleasure - December 3
Pain and pleasure. At a sufficiently high level of play, there’s not a lot of visual difference:
Nose Hooked In Manga - December 1
By manga artist Tomita Shigeru. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: The Nose Hook A Nose Hook For Marica Nose Hooks In Scripture Steel Nose Hook Nose Hook Comic Book
A Bondage Fisting - November 30
He doesn’t look as if he would have short tiny fingers or otherwise-risible small hands, so I think we may safely say that she’s feeling like her bondage-anal-fisting fantasy has been fulfilled, with an emphasis on “filled”: Artwork is by the artist Fernando. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: A Fisting For Juri Fisted With Her Boots […]
Torment By Sensory Surprise - November 29
He likes to tie women up and then what does he do to them? Well, he calls it torture, but it looks more like what some people call sensation play to me: “I generally torture women like you. The way you squirm is pleasing. I think I’ll do that again.” She didn’t quite believe that […]
Slobber On The Dildo - November 28
Hey, girl. See this big fat steel dildo? I know you’re working around a ball gag there, but you might want to slobber on it if you can. Because it’s GOING UP YOUR ASS in a minute: From this shoot at Sex And Submission. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Catching His Cum While Tied Up Anal […]
Captured By Seven Dwarves - November 27
What happens to evil-stepmother wicked queens when the stepdaughters they oppress make friends with lots of horny little dwarves? Why, they get grabbed and taken down into mines and chained there for endless bondage buttsex, of course! Art is by Doomsatan666, who calls it Heigh Ho. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Bondage Anal: Sweaty Work Captured […]

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Other Bondage & BDSM Sites

Spank Slaves Spanking TGP

Spank Slaves Spanking & Bondage TGP offers thumbnail previews of dozens of galleries of spanking and bondage pictures. Updates every few minutes with new material!

The Forkbeard's Fetish Pit

The Forkbeard's Fetish Pit features Japanese bondage art, slave girl kennels, vintage femdom art galleries, and bondage photographs of all kinds. 100% free and surfer friendly.

figging: anal discipline is the only site on the web that is entirely devoted to the pleasures of anal figging (ginger in the anus). Links to and excerpts from all the best figging resources on the net.

Bondage And Caning Artwork

tied man bastinadoed while women are caned

tied over a barrel for a caning with a birch-like bunde of rods

Bonus Bondage Links:
The Humbler

Bondage Blog Posts:

Peanut Butter Bondage Blowjob

From Bondage Blog: "I am enjoying the wild and outrageous bondage scenarios in the over-the-top BDSM comics from Below are details from The Adventures Of Lilly by Roscoe. Poor Lilly! After a long day spent chained in the dungeon of a lecherous sheik, she's getting sort of hungry. Unfortunately, there's nothing for our hungry harem slavegirl but peanut butter, honey, and erect penis for dinner..." (More...)

Bondage Crotch Ropes

From Bondage Blog: "These two lovely slave girls must be focusing all their attention on the sensitive anatomy covered by their crotch ropes. With a few gallons of water in those buckets (a pints a pound the world around, so shall we say, perhaps 25 pounds per bucket?) all supported by one thin pussy rope, I doubt the ladies are thinking about anything but those few tiny square centimeters of pussy flesh under pressure between their legs..." (More...)

Jungle Bondage

From Bondage Blog: "From my all-time favorite bondage site comes a new pictorial featuring a beautiful jungle captive. The lovely model is Jenni Lee and shes in trouble! Heres the story: Dragged deep into the jungle, Jenni Lee finds herself at the mercy of a twisted guide. The guide takes Jenni to a hurricane damaged structure, and there her bondage begins. Dealing with nature, big ugly bugs, and the guide, Jenni finds herself suspended, flogged, and both holes violated, as the guide enjoys her sexy body. " (More...)

Buy Bondage gear from JT's Stockroom:

rubber vacuum bondage bed

Latex Vacuum Bed:
The Latex Vac-Bed is designed especially for those in search of the most intense bondage adventure possible! By vacuuming the air from between two layers of 14 gauge latex rubber, the vac-bed immobilizes the person inside and produces an extremely restrictive and sensual experience. Sensory deprivation plus near-total immobility... (More...)

black leather prison belt

Prisoner Belt:
The prisoner belt is a black leather bondage belt combined with a removable butt plug harness and a locking cock strap. This belt harness is constructed from latigo black leather and nickel plated metal plate staples. The anal plug harness and a special strap for binding the cock makes this the most versatile... (More...)

Delilah Strong gives us a pretty and enthusiastic bondage smileKeeani Lei or Delilah Strong strung up in bondage and sprayed with water hosesJulie Night in iron bondage brackets

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bondage in leather straps for Ava DivineGinger Lynn in a bondage ball gag
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